Our Primary Program is multi-faceted with options for half or full day for a three, four or five year old and also an option for Kindergarten for the eligible five year old and six year old.  The Montessori method of education gives children unique opportunities to learn more thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently through experience, guidance, and practice.  Children are encouraged to explore, discover, create and ask questions;  this creates a life-long love of learning.  Once a month, parents will be asked to sign their child up for a snack.  This is a special day for the child, as he/she look forward to the responsibilities which come with bringing snack and sharing with all the friends.  Also once a month, Primary children are given the opportunity to participate in a scheduled community service project in the classroom setting alongside their Guide.


Our Elementary Program consists of first through eighth grade.  The Montessori Method continues to the second plane of development.  A love of work, building structures, gardens, etc. becomes more involved.  Elementary students are encouraged to work in groups for collaborative work, investigations, and experiments.  The Five Great Lessons will be introduced as well.  As part of the Elementary curriculum, students will participate in scheduled community service projects inside and outside of the school.

The Five Great Lessons

The Story of the Universe:  Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy,                                                             Geology, and Geography

The Story of Life:                      Botany and Zoology

The Coming of Humans:      Fundamental Needs of Man,                                                                                       Pre-History and World Civilizations

The Story of Numbers:         Arithmetic, Geometry (plane and solid)                                                                and Algebra

The Story of Communication:  World Languages, Reading, Writing,                                                            Prose Poetry, Drama and Grammar